Ceriani GP35 Replica Standard Type

It is a replica of the Celiani GP35, a classic fork item.

It is a product produced by a Hungarian manufacturer and is of extremely high precision and quality. Redesigned with modern technology rather than a faithful replica, the contents are modern and look classic.

Fork diameterIs35 mmFree lengthPerfect for classic720 mmWe have 680mm/800mm production, so we can order it if you have the time.

This product is an orthodox type that does not have functions such as standard attenuation adjustment.

Spring rateIs30/40lbsYou can choose from either. Our racing team uses a softer 30lbs for the feather bed frame. Also 50lbs can be ordered if you have time.

We will ship it in a dedicated wooden box, but please be aware that it is for shipping only and may be damaged or damaged in many cases from overseas.

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