LOC 3rd Battle Tsukuba report

LOC No. 3 Tsukuba Circuit participation report.

It's not going to happen next year!It's so hot in Tsukuba.Even if it is hot even if it is silent, it sweats for about 5 minutes when I cross the bike wearing boots and wearing a tunic.It is guidewater oral rehydration solution in the heat stroke measures.

Jimi Hendrix's new machine made from scratch in the original frameJM01It was also the first team to win the title.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

It is safe, the vehicle inspection is also passed, it is the qualifying start.It's hot and human, but the classic bike looks more like it.The engine is hot and it is Daredevil.

The preliminaries ended without difficulty.I was prepared that there was something in the preliminaries, but there was nothing.It's a good machine.It is a short break to the finals while chatting with Mr. Sugimoto of BerryBads in such a way.

The heat also peaked around the time of the final.However, the rider says that it will not be hot, and it will finally start.

Even though the engine is tired due to this heat, the new machine has a firm feeling of rigidity of the chassis is not comparable to the previous, and you can run it with confidence.It seems that there are still many things to do, such as setting legs, but it will be very fun.

So, the result is a class championship in the HW-A class!Although the number of runners in the same class was small, it was very good that we were able to make a solid run in the first team.

Not satisfied with this, but still continue to evolve.