LOC 2020 Round 3 Tsukuba Circuit Report

On 7/26 last weekend, the third race of LOC, a classic race event sponsored by MCFAJ where this racing team participates, was held at Tsukuba Circuit.

The forecast was fine in spite of the rainy season not opening, but it started to rain from the morning on that day.

Even when it was time for qualifying, it was raining as if "Is it possible to run in such rain?" It started to rain a little, but the road surface is full wet, so I'm afraid to run at a touring pace.

By noon, it was fine and the road surface was dry. Everyone in the entrants was getting more tense, but it was again pouring down just before the final race.

The condition of the machine is not so good and it won't be so fashionable on such a rainy day, so I managed to finish safely at a super slow pace, aiming only to return safely.

The results were so poor that I couldn't tell you, but I had a great time as a rainy day for many people.