AstRIDE Mileage Report

On 9/1 (Day), sponsored by Suzuka's Owers Racing & Moto JoyAstRIDEI have joined in.The site is Suzuka's Twin Circuit.

This is the second time that Zimihen Racing has been supported by the site operation of this event, and this time it is the second time that the event was held in December last year.

Last year, there were a number of classic motorcycles from each country with a classical frame, but this time, many of the 80s nostalgic F3 and two stroke machines participated in the event for the purpose of reproducing the 80s.It was an amazing event that lured nostalgia for spending time in the ' 80s.

The eyeball was the co-star of the molywaki monster and the Miyagi Kosan.It was a joint performance by the association of former Moriwaki Chairman Sato, and there were quite a lot of people in the crowd to see this.

Since the third game of the season in August, I have only included gasoline in the Domiracer, which has not been touched at all.Nevertheless, the motorbike was very, very good, and I was able to run well.

The personal eyeball is the JM01 impressions from the Chairman of the Ocean Racing Sato.It was just a few times, but I was convinced that the details were very good, and I was convinced that the direction of this machine was not wrong.

On the other hand, if you're running a chintara on this machine, you'll get mad, and you're very, very tight.