Kanrin drum brake arrival

In the 90's, Kanrin drum brakes, which were popular with British cars such as Norton and Triumph and Yamaha SR, have arrived.

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Currently, this brake is not in production, and the remaining stock was received by Jimichen Racing due to the relationship from the manufacturer.

Immediately after entering the 2017 race at Jimi Heng Racing, we acquired and used Kanrin Brake.

The quality of the materials made in Japan and the precision of processing are high, and the brake performance is outstanding even in actual races. We also tried the most major Fontana brakes and Celia's brakes in the classic race, but the impression is that they are one step ahead in terms of performance and quality.

Even in the scorching Tsukuba of 8/4 the other day, there was no fade even in the heat, and the firm effect was maintained until the end. This is due to the cooling effect of the infinite number of fins on the hub, and Kanrin Brake is particular about this and carves out each fin by hand.